Merlin… Catch of the Day!

How exciting to see this Merlin out in Ohio. My daughter spotted him when we pulled over in a park to eat our lunch after birding at a nature preserve all morning. We were actually just on our way home and not looking for birds at all.

We drove directly under him, drove back by under him again to get a look at his front side, then we parked and watched him while we ate lunch.

We watched him fly off through the trees. We watched him as far as we could until he was completely out of site then started packing away our stuff and cleaning up our lunch to go home. Just as we were about to leave my daughter saw him come flying back and land in a tree next to the spot he was originally perched. I guess he got hungry watching us eat our lunch because he returned with lunch of his own. A male house sparrow!

Video of the feast (not for the very squeamish)
Bird eating bird video.

One Response to “Merlin… Catch of the Day!”
  1. Julia says:

    That’s a great spot. We hardly see them in California except it seems in winter and early spring. They are are hard to spot afar without thinking “kestrel.” I’m trying to get pics of our bluebirds on our nesting boxes but the darn birds are on to me! Nice blog.

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