My Grandpa’s Old Bird Book

My Aunt found this book that belonged to my Grandpa and thought I would like it. Of course, I love it! My Grandpa and I would watch the birds from his kitchen window together whenever we would visit my grandparents. He was always sharing his knowledge of birds and nature with me. He was a great man and I miss him tremendously.

When I opened this book for the first time my eyes welled with tears knowing that my grandpa’s hands and eyes had used this book for his own bird watching pleasure. Not only is it a neat, old book about North American birds but it was his.

Now about the book itself: The book has seen better days and has definitely been used quite a bit. It has taped pages and the binding is coming apart. No pages are missing however and the it is very fun to see how much bird books have changes over the years. This book is titled: Birds. The cover also states: 129 birds in full color. A guide to the most familiar American birds. A Golden Nature Guide.

The book is copyright 1956. The book is credited to Herbert S. Zim, Ph.D and Ira N. Gabrielson, LL.D., D.Sc. Illustrated by James Gordon Irving.

The book has many sections besides the bird identification pages. One is this Family Tree. Also included are sections on: parts of a bird, bird classification, adaptation of birds, attracting birds, bird banding & bird counts.

The book only shows the breeding male plumage for all birds. It also gives a brief description and a range map.

The House Finch is not shown in the book but the Purple Finch is. Also shown is a Brown Towhee. I think this is probably the Canyon Towhee that is in my current bird reference books. The illustration is very similar and so is the range map.

The end section shows a chart describing the migration dates for arriving and departing, egg description, nest materials & locations and also food sources for each bird.

Places for studying birds. I’m sure this has changed since 1956 also but I wonder if my grandparents went to any of these locations after reading this book?

2 Responses to “My Grandpa’s Old Bird Book”
  1. Melissa says:

    I was wondering if you have the publisher for the book – my grandfather also had this book and I am looking for a copy. Thanks for the info!

  2. Shelly says:

    Hello Melissa, the publisher is
    Golden Press, Inc. New York 22, N.Y.

    Copyright 1949, 1956

    Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 61-8323

    Hope that helps!

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