2,000 Worms

My red wigglers did not over-winter very well on the enclosed patio.  Even with my can composter wrapped in old heavy blankets.  So here are the newest members of the compost family… 2,000 red wigglers.  They will be spending winter in the warm garage whether my husband wants to share garage space with them or not.  😀

2 Responses to “2,000 Worms”
  1. peoplepoweredmachines says:


    It is probably too late for winter advice for your worms, but here is a guide to spring tips and troubleshooting for your new friends. http://peoplepoweredmachines.wordpress.com/category/composting/worm-composting-vermiculture/

    If you scroll down, the article for wintercare (with the wine rack in the back) may be of some solace for your husband having to share his space in winter! 😉


  2. Shelly says:

    Great info! Thank you! I will be following along from now on 🙂

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