Adventure with the littles was ruined by a ‘bad guy’

Before I tell the whole story let me say, none of us had contact with a ‘bad guy’ and we are all ok.

So the adventure begins like this.  We eat a little lunch in the car on the way to our adventure spot.  Of course upon arrival the littlest is asleep in her seat so I talked the other little into allowing me to do some bird watching from the car for a few minutes.  We pulled into a prairie spent a few minutes there then pulled over to a pond with a good view from the parking area.  While we were parked looking for ducks a state trooper comes flying down this little dead-end access road.  Weird.  A couple minutes later a park ranger comes flying into the parking area does a quick circle and flies out.  Now things are really getting strange.  Well the park employees were doing burns that day.  The field near the prairie had just been burned and the field down the road was lit currently.  So I starting thinking possible fire spread.  I decided to drive down a little further to the dam area,  littles really love the dam.  There is a long winding road to get down to the parking mostly wooded but also some nice wild flower fields so I was meandering and what else, looking for birds.  Saw a Red-tailed hawk turned the second to last curve where you can see through the trees and I couldn’t believe my eyes!  There were rangers, state police and some other cop cars all over the place!  Obviously something was going on and it was a fire because the wasn’t a single fire truck or ambulance to be counted.  As I was making my way down the finally part of the road, some state troopers were converging on the side of the road.  They seemed to look long at my vehicle but then quickly walked over to some men fishing along the dam.  At the bottom parking area (the only place you can turn around to leave) all the rangers and troopers were out of their cruisers so I pulled up to a couple of rangers that were standing close to my side as I was making my way into the parking lot.  Here is the conversation we had:

Me: “Hi, is everything ok?”

Ranger “Yes”

Me: “Umm… is it safe to get out?  I have two little kids with me?”

Ranger: “No, you need to go to another area.  We are looking for someone.”

Me:  says nothing.  eyes go big then eyebrows furl as if to say “huh?”.

Ranger:  says softly, almost a whisper “a bad guy”

Me:  “Oh!  Umm ok.  Thank you.”  Rolls up window, locks doors & breaks out in cold sweat while driving back up the long winding access road alone with two littles.  Contemplates ramming vehicle into a bad guy if one jumps out of the woods or a field. Looks back down toward the parking area and troopers and sees some are getting what looks like rifles out of their cruisers now.  Drives faster.

So that was the end of our adventure.  We never even made it out of the car.  Luckily the littles have been begging for new play sand for their sand box the hardware store was a safer place to be for the day.

Watching the news tonight to see exactly what kind of ‘bad guy’ they were all looking for.  I hope they have something about it.

UPDATE: Saw the news report.  A man left a note that he was committing suicide.  They found him in the park late in the afternoon.  Sounds like he was still alive but not coherent.  It is really NOT cool to commit suicide in a public park especially on the day I take my kids for their adventure.  I don’t want them finding that.  I’m glad we got turned away when we did and hadn’t got there earlier in the day.

2 Responses to “Adventure with the littles was ruined by a ‘bad guy’”
  1. AJW says:

    God is so good, and was definitely protecting you that and the littles that day. BTW, I call Rosebud “Littles”. How weird is that?

  2. Shelly says:

    Yes, he is!
    LOL Rosebud is a little too 🙂 and I know she likes adventures.

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