Adventure with the littles… take two

Knowing that the situation at the park yesterday had been resolved, we went back to have an adventure today.  65 degrees and sunny… yes, we are there!

The littles are turning into great bird watchers!  They have learned these fine basics already:

  1. freeze!
  2. whispering
  3. walking softly on crunchy grass/sticks/leaves
  4. listening for birds to sing & telling me… although they usually get excited and scream that they hear a bird which scares birds away 🙂

Littles are definitely more into getting dirty than looking at birds no matter where we go however:

On our way home yesterday I saw an American Kestrel out next to a gravel pit.   Today on the way home I noticed the littles had fallen asleep in the car after our great & exhausting adventure so I used the opportunity to check on the kestrel again.  To my surprise not only was there one kestrel but a couple farms/fields up the road there were two more perched on a wire next to the road.  I was able to get a couple photos of the first one.   No place to pull off and get a photo of the pair.

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