Spring started with garden work!

Our first days of Spring were spent building the new garden.  It is going smashingly!

I decided on 2×10’s for my garden boxes to allow for carrot and potato growing.  Also we decided to make each box separate 4×4 boxes instead of making some 4×8.  This way if I end up hating the arrangement I can move them next spring.  I can be fickle that way or over analytical of my previous year.

All 2×10’s have been cut and are ready for assembly!  1 down, 7 to go.

End of day Saturday, all 8 boxes are completed and arranged according to planting plan.  Weed cloth is on the bottoms of all boxes.

Sunday, post holes dug and 4×4 posts placed.  I made that awesome chicken wire gate 😉  We have many deer and other small animals in our area so a high fence is a must.  It also must let the sun into the garden however.

So as you can see we had a very productive weekend!  I am really excited about this new garden and now must call around about organic grow mix.  I need 4 sq yds… bags just aren’t an option at their prices.  And the littles like dump trucks!

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