When house sparrows attack (graphic photos)

This is a Carolina Chickadee that dared to build it’s nest in my bird house. This is the reason I will likely be buying a repeating house sparrow trap. I hate those rats. They are ruthless and far outnumber the native songbirds. House sparrows are not sparrows like the rest of the kind we have in North America. They are old world sparrows and were introduced by some dummy who missed the birds from his native land of England (same is true for the non-native European Starling who are also rats). They have taken over, over populating & killing native song birds, even building their own nests right on top of the native birds dead body (like in this case at my house this morning). I have been watching this Chickadee for days building it’s nest next to my garden. When I spotted a bird going into the nest this morning I took a second look through my binoculars and it was a male house sparrow. I knew that was trouble so I immediately went over to the box to open it and removed the nest to discourage him. Unfortunately I found the original nest builder still inside. Seems the Chickadee got caught in the nest by the House Sparrow and that will often times lead to their death. As you can see they go after the head. Very sad today.And the murderous pair returned to their not so cozy, warm, dead chickadee body home.  She immediately checks on the nest which is no longer.  He sits watch on the fence.


5 Responses to “When house sparrows attack (graphic photos)”
  1. CE Webster says:

    What a sad story. I have heard about that sparrow but have never seen anything like that.

  2. Shelly says:

    This is the first time I have had this happen in one of my bird houses. The house sparrows will, on occasion, chase away the other birds to take over their nest. I have heard about the stories of HOSP attacks and also seen bluebird photos online but still did not expect to find the little Chickadee that way. 😦

  3. Shelly says:

    This exact same situation happened in my second nesting box (House Sparrows & dead Chickadee again). I took them both down and decided not to put them back up this year, 2011. Seems these HOSP are brutal around here. The House Sparrows don’t show any interest in my wren houses that hang from the trees branches though. They move in the wind. I have read HOSP don’t like that.

  4. Suz'anne says:

    We have recently moved into a home we are leasing and I am thinking after doing some research that we have house sparrows around here…. every morning when I take my little boston terrier puppy out to potty they begin dive bombing him… and no matter how fast he runs they go after him, this morning it appears that they pecked him on the head… they have also started circling my head very close….
    have you heard of such a thing?

  5. Shelly says:

    They probably have a nest very close by and are defending it. Even from your cute little pup who just wants to do his business and get out of there. House sparrows can be very aggressive but so are other native birds during spring and nesting time.

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