Meet Hercules!

This is our new rabbit (aka poop machine!) and he loves to cuddle.  I am told he is about 5 months old.  Trying to decide if I should get him neutered or wait to see if bad habits develop.  His living arrangements are indoors so spraying could be a big problem.  I have no other rabbits though so he might not spray… or he could decide to claim us humans as his!  Yikes!  I was thinking I might breed him if I get a female down the road, when we get the farmhouse.  Not for meat rabbits, I’m too soft for that and so is my husband (he’s worse actually).  Just for poop machines… garden and compost yum yum! And to cuddle!!!

I managed to trim and file his nails today.  Man were they razor sharp.  I used a cuddle hold and wrapped him in a towel so he didn’t flop around and hurt his back.  He did really well and got a little piece of carrot treat since he was so good.

He is very curious and loves to hop around the house.  I don’t leave him out long though because we are litter box training and I don’t want him to find a favorite corner of carpet somewhere before he is trained.  So far so good.

He doesn’t seem to mind the dog or cats what-so-ever.  In fact, one of the cats is more afraid of him than he is of her.  My old collie just wants to lick him to death and make sure he is uber clean.  Silly girl.

He has the best personality and his ears show it.  He is able to raise them both when he is very alert but his normal stance seems to be one straight up and the other straight out.  With looks like this, he fits in great with our family!

Anyone have any guesses on what kind of breed(s) he is?  I’m not sure really.  Definitely not a bunny expert.  I will happily take advice from anyone who is.

2 Responses to “Meet Hercules!”
  1. Cate says:

    He looks big enough to have some New Zealand or Satin rabbit in him.

  2. Shelly says:

    Thank you Cate! I don’t know too much about different rabbit breeds. I’m thinking he may have some Dutch in him too. The darker gray vs lighter gray has an almost dutch pattern.

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