The Official First Garden Post of 2011

I’m calling it.  This is it.  It’s officially the beginning of our 2011 garden!


Red Oxheart Tomato 2/25/2011

Cherry Roma Tomato 2/25/2011


If you are wondering about the white pvc tubes, those are my watering tubes.  I center a short piece of pipe and fill my seed flats with dirt around it.  Space seeds accordingly around the flat (depending on seed type, depth, etc) and then water.  This way I can see the water level when watering and how fast it is absorbed into the bottom.  No washed out seedlings this way and “the bottom up” is the best way to water.  My husband was happy to cut this scrap pvc up for me and get it out of his stash in the garage and I really like to use what we have on hand instead of buying more ‘stuff’.  Here’s a better photo of the tube:


seed watering system I use with pvc tube



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