The Flu, A week in review

This week was almost a complete waste really.  One of the children came down with a virus on Sunday night and by Tuesday morning I had it myself.  I almost feel guilty having spent most of the week under layers of blankets on the couch, cuddled up with my little sickie.  Considering just today my fever is below 101 and staying there, I should cut myself a break.  I had so much I wanted to do this week.

So, what did I end up doing?  Well, I watched my seeds grow.  Tomatoes are getting their second sets of leaves now.

Red Oxheart Tomato 3/5/11

I managed to do some composting and make some tea.  Not Lipton!  Definitely not Hawaiian Punch!


Compost Tea, thanks to the red wigglers

I also received my vanilla beans in the mail so I was able to start my vanilla extract today.  Using Stoli and Madagascar beans for this one.  I will also be starting one with a clear rum sometime this week.  I want to compare the flavors and I do a lot of baking so I’m sure it won’t be a waste.


Vanilla Extract, day one

Yeah, this was my entire week.  Now I feel like I should be doing more than just laundry today.  I hate when my immune system let’s me down.  On to next week now, fingers crossed that the other two kids don’t get sick!





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