Proof spring is right around the corner!

American Goldfinch Mar 15 2009

Look at those beautiful colors peaking through!  I just love seeing the goldfinches molt.

Also today, I spotted a pair of Brown-headed Cowbirds at the feeder.  Haven’t seen any all winter.  They usually are only around briefly in spring/summer.  Definitely not year round residents.  I really hope they choose the HOSP to raise their young again this year.  It was poetic justice seeing two HOSP families raising cowbirds last year.  Especially after the HOSP killed two different adult Carolina Chickadees in my two chickadee nest boxes I put up around the garden.  I will not be putting those nest boxes up this year, only the wren houses out at the wood pile.  The House Wrens never seem to have any trouble raising their families over there.  Of course the HOSP don’t like those houses because they swing/hang from the tree branches.

Male Brown-headed Cowbird

Female Brown-headed Cowbird

2 Responses to “Proof spring is right around the corner!”
  1. Kim LaWall says:

    It took me a minute to figure out HOSP. LOL
    We are blessed here in our are not to be overwhelmed by them. At our last home in Western NY, we couldnt keep them out of the feeders or the bluebird houses. Those and Starlings are my mortal enemies…Ugh!

  2. Shelly says:

    Ha, I got lazy and should have spelled it out. House Sparrows and European Starling are my arch enemies also! No shortage of either one around here. I dream of a place where I don’t have either one harassing the native birds to death, literally. So sad to see.

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