List It Out – Veggie Garden 2011

So far, on the list for the veggie garden we have:


Peas (shelling)

Strawberries (everbearing, planted last year)

Blueberries (bushes still small won’t get many)

Nantes Carrots

Music Garlic (hard neck)

Soft neck Garlic (potted)

Cal Wonder Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers (Early)

Tomato Red Oxheart

Tomato Roma Cherry

Black Zucchini

Blue Lake Pole Beans

Contender Bush Beans

Asian Beans (Long, mix of 3 types)




Lettuce (Marvel and Romaine)

Marigolds (various locations throughout garden)

* I also have cucumber and cantaloupe seeds but it doesn’t look like I will have the space for them this year.  These seeds are leftover from last year.  Knowing me I will try to squeeze them in somewhere but they aren’t on the official plan.

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