White-collared Robin is back!

I was so excited yesterday to see that we have a white-collared American Robin back this year.  I really am not certain it is the same robin from last year but I will say this, I have never seen a Robin with a white-collar (ever) until last year and this one has returned to the same exact location as that one.  I would love to compare the markings of the bird if I can get some close up photos, like those I got last year while it sat on my bird bath.  You can see that post here.

I obsessively look at all American Robins I pass now to see if they have any white marking besides the usual low belly/legs area.  Haven’t found any but this one.  So far.

These photos aren’t the best but you can definitely see the white-collar wraps around the entire neck.  Also, there are a number of white feather on the red breast area of the Robin.

White collared Robin 3-24-2011

White collared Robin 3-24-2011

I will watch closely again this year to see if this bird has any offspring.  Last year, I never did see any.  I was not able to locate a nest the bird was using either though.  I have an American Robin couple that has already claimed my immediate yard.  Two actually, one pair in front and one pair in back.  They are very territorial, Robins are usually.  The white-collared Robin has taken to a spot right next to our yard but in the neighbor’s yard.  Every time it gets too close to our yard it gets chased off by the other pair.  Hopefully it sticks around so I can be noisy.  This bird really interests me.

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