Garden Update… Sure wish spring was really here.

Not too much to report from the garden.  Yesterday I transplanted/potted about 20+ tomato plants.  They are all still indoors of course and under the lights.  Getting stronger everyday thanks to the fan.


Yes, I am resourceful or maybe just really cheap.  They sell those bigger plastic nursery pots for .99 each around here.  I have better ways to spend my cashola.  I could order some online cheaper but it’s more fun to teach my kids my uber-resourcefulness.

Magnolia buds & snow

This is the view today.  Snow!  I really hope this doesn’t upset the magnolia too much.  A couple years ago we got a snow like this, early in spring, and the tree never bloomed that year.  Not at all!  Sad face.  I love the smell of the magnolia every spring.

Chives with buds & snow


This oregano was planted out in the veggie garden last summer.  Coming back nicely this year.

Climbing Rose

This climbing rose is very well sheltered in the yard.  It looks like I might have roses on this one before my spinach in the veggie garden is big enough to eat, ha ha!

Magnolia in the snow

And it just keeps coming!  Ugh!

On the bird side of things.  I’m pretty sure every single bird in the neighborhood is in my yard right now.   At the feeders, under the feeders, in the trees waiting for a spot at the feeders.  Including the flock of 50+ Common Grackle and European Starling.  It feels like a really bad Steven King movie today.  I want the REAL spring to please show itself!


The birds... one section of one tree



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