Garden Update – Stormy April

Well, it has been such a crazy April with all these storms, I have barely gotten anything done.  At least it feels that way.  A few things have just taken control and done their thing without my assistance.  Mainly the garlic, strawberries, chives, oregano.

Chives in bloom

Huge Oregano (needs divided)

Everbearing Strawberries in bloom

German Music Garlic

Peas are off and growing but I need to set some climbing equipment around them.

Peas, please

Went ahead, during this small break in the storms, and put our my tomato plants in the garden, 12 of them.  They were really going nuts in their pots and I’m afraid I would have lost them if not planted in the garden soon.

Tomatoes are caged and covered for continuing storms.

Going to put out my sunflower starts today or tomorrow (depending on time and weather).  Mixing in a few sunflower seed to have a more continuous flowering pattern with them also.

Getting caught up but wondering what May will bring…

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