Littered Trained and Adorable

I have good news on the bunny.  He is now littered box trained!  He loves his time to hop around the house (hours on end, really) and hops in and out of his house as needed to do his business.   I really wondered about this whole training a rabbit thing… it was easy.  I put a litter pan filled with shredded newspaper in one section of his living quarters.  I also put a hay holder/hanger right next to it because I read that rabbits like something to munch on while they ‘go’.  On occasion he will have messes that need cleaned up inside of his quarters (most likely just from jumping in and out of his litter pan though) he has NEVER had a mess while running around the house though.  I have watched him promptly return to his litter pan many times and was a little amazed by how he didn’t just run to the closest corner of the room.  It was way harder house breaking my old basset hound.  Who am I kidding, that dog was never really housebroken.

Bunny in track

His favorite place to be is right on the track of the sliding door.  He lays there and listens to the birds and feels the breeze.  It seems like the tracks would be a tad uncomfortable to lay across but he is getting much fatter.  Guess that extra cushion helps, ha ha.  Mommy’s goodies from the garden are working.

Also, since we have just one rabbit, I have not run out to have him altered.  I was concerned about possible spraying but he just doesn’t do that.  He also has a great personality and is friendly, so trying for a temperament change isn’t necessary either.  I will likely have him fixed, just not in a rush to put bunny under the knife.  There are always risks involved with any surgery and right now our arrangement suits us just fine.

One other thing, I figured out that he is a Chinchilla.  Not sure of the purity of his breeding but he most definitely has the Chinchilla ring pattern when you blow on his fur.  He is more than likely a Standard Chinchilla and not an American Chinchilla.  I have read that American Chinchilla’s are much more rare, almost extinct at one point.  Oh well, makes no difference really.  Just interesting to discover his roots.

2 Responses to “Littered Trained and Adorable”
  1. Linda says:

    Love your blog! My Buns, too, is litter-boxed trained. And she also loves sitting right up against the door 🙂

  2. Shelly says:

    Great bunnies think alike 🙂 Amazing ski photos Linda!

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