Hercules is not a daddy but…

While I was out tonight surveying the hail storm damages… my poor, poor hostas!

Whoa wait!  First I opened the door to Momma.  I thought those birds were going through seed rather quickly lately.


Then I saw my hostas… this hurts

Drive by on my hostas! Not really, but look at those.

After seeing my hostas I got very worried about the vegetable garden.  I ran around to take notice of the damages but everything looked ok for the most part.  Some peas got beaten to the ground and a few baby lettuce leaves were pelted.  I glanced over at my overgrown oregano (which I have been meaning to divide) and it was very pushed down in the middle.  I thought for sure I would find a glob of hail in the center but instead I found…

Can you see them?

What about now?

Yep, baby bunnies!

Four baby bunnies riding out the storm in the comfort of my fenced in garden!  I saw a rabbit in there the other night and scared it off.  Nothing was damaged, spinach, lettuce, carrots, cabbage… nothing was touched.  I figured I had caught the rabbit during its first venture and maybe gave it a good scare (yes, I chased it all around the chicken wire walls until it finally found a way out).  Yesterday I was in the garden all day… no bunnies, no damage.  Then bam!  Bunny family tonight!  Still no damage though.  So, what do I do?  Can I move these babies outside of my veggie area and the mom will be able to find them?  I really don’t want them to die but I also don’t want a family of rabbits eating up all my goodies.  HELP!

PS – Now I see why Hercules likes to look out the sliding door towards the garden.   His favorite spot.

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