Early June Garden Update

The veggie garden is off and growing! Here are a few of the details.

Garden overview

Peas are really producing!  I love how you can see right into the tiny growing pods in the morning sun.  We should have a bunch of shelling to do soon.

Pea Pod Growing

I am trying red cabbage this year and they really seem to be doing well.  Less bug issues than the broccoli had last year.  One center was broken off in the bad hail storm we had two weeks ago, it is now producing two… maybe, we’ll see.

Red Cabbage

I did not expect blueberries this year.  I bought two plants last year, needed for pollinating, one died in the fall.  I replaced it this spring but the newest plant is very small and did not flower.  Actually, it isn’t looking too great right now at all, despite my best efforts.  The older bush seems to be self pollinating though.  Another, we’ll see.

Little blueberries

Bee balm, radishes sprinkled throughout garden & basil.  Yum!

A nice little mix

Three zucchini bread plants (that’s what the kids call them), black zucchini.  This is the smallest.  We should have a great zucchini quick bread year.  I admit, it’s not just the kids favorite, it’s mine too.

Black Zucchini

I have also been helping my dad get his little garden box going.  I’m excited that he is excited about eating healthier.  He is keeping up with it well.

It’s been a busy very spring so far.  This is the kids last week of school also so I will have more help during the day soon.  Woo hoo!

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