Wordless Wednesday

American Goldfinch Alternate Molt

This male is molting into in his alternate plumage.  I saw another male further along with his molting over the weekend at the feeder.  Spring is surely right around the corner!  Now we are just waiting for the Dark-eyed Junco’s to make their exodus.

Sunday Outing – March 14, 2010

Even with all the flooding and cold, nasty weather I was able to see a few birds.  Nothing new but still had fun and got a good workout in with all the extra hiking around flooded areas.  43 degrees F.  Here are my counts: Location 1: 1 wood duck (m) 1 great blue heron 2 … Continue reading

My Grandpa’s Old Bird Book

My Aunt found this book that belonged to my Grandpa and thought I would like it. Of course, I love it! My Grandpa and I would watch the birds from his kitchen window together whenever we would visit my grandparents. He was always sharing his knowledge of birds and nature with me. He was a … Continue reading

Red-breasted Mergansers!

Went back to one of the spots we visited on Sunday. Had to check what was there and see if any new additions came along with our nice 50 degree weather. To my surprise these three guys were hanging out alone in the middle of the pond. Canada Geese all to one end and ducks … Continue reading

Sunday Birding 3-7-10

Duck, swan & geese extravaganza! Half of the pond was still iced over so everyone was gathering into one area. It was a beautiful sunny day! Perfect day to get out and do a little bird watching. Location 1: So, so100 Canada Goose 15 Mallard 1 Red-shouldered Hawk 2 Belted Kingfisher 1 Brown Creeper10 American … Continue reading

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