Adventure with the littles… take two

Knowing that the situation at the park yesterday had been resolved, we went back to have an adventure today.  65 degrees and sunny… yes, we are there! The littles are turning into great bird watchers!  They have learned these fine basics already: freeze! whispering walking softly on crunchy grass/sticks/leaves listening for birds to sing & … Continue reading

Adventure with the littles was ruined by a ‘bad guy’

Before I tell the whole story let me say, none of us had contact with a ‘bad guy’ and we are all ok. So the adventure begins like this.  We eat a little lunch in the car on the way to our adventure spot.  Of course upon arrival the littlest is asleep in her seat … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday

American Goldfinch Alternate Molt

This male is molting into in his alternate plumage.  I saw another male further along with his molting over the weekend at the feeder.  Spring is surely right around the corner!  Now we are just waiting for the Dark-eyed Junco’s to make their exodus.

The Biggest Week In American Birding “A BIG birding event is planned during the peak of spring warbler migration in the “Warbler Capital of the World,” the Lake Erie Marsh Region of Northwest Ohio.” Wishing I could go… not this year.

Sunday Outing – March 14, 2010

Even with all the flooding and cold, nasty weather I was able to see a few birds.  Nothing new but still had fun and got a good workout in with all the extra hiking around flooded areas.  43 degrees F.  Here are my counts: Location 1: 1 wood duck (m) 1 great blue heron 2 … Continue reading

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