Ever since I was a little girl, sitting with my Grandpa watching the birds, I have been hooked. I can remember him telling me how the males are the pretty ones and I’d argue with him that girls are pretty not boys.

There is so much excitement, joy and peace watching the birds. I love when I see a new species around or when I see my kids get excited about the birds they spot. I like to see who the regulars are and who is just passing through for the season.

I have a killer garden that I just love to be in.  This lady loves dirty hands, flowers and news ways of killing invasive insects organically (yes, I own tweezers of death).  I do all this because I want to feed my family the very best I can.  I want them all healthy, happy and appreciating hard work.  Oh yes, I am mother to 3!  Wife to 1!  No doubt my most important jobs.  We have an aging collie who is more sensitive and compassionate than most humans.  Two crazy cats that drive me completely bonkers most days.  Three hermit crabs, man what are you supposed to do with these things?!  That sums it up for now but chickens, bees and a mastiff will find me soon.

I am an out of practice artist who has just begun to paint again.  When time permits which is basically never.

I believe in God.  I have a hard time looking at nature and the world around me and not believing that something really great had a hand in it all.

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