Hercules is not a daddy but…

While I was out tonight surveying the hail storm damages… my poor, poor hostas! Whoa wait!  First I opened the door to Momma.  I thought those birds were going through seed rather quickly lately. Then I saw my hostas… this hurts After seeing my hostas I got very worried about the vegetable garden.  I ran … Continue reading

Littered Trained and Adorable

I have good news on the bunny.  He is now littered box trained!  He loves his time to hop around the house (hours on end, really) and hops in and out of his house as needed to do his business.   I really wondered about this whole training a rabbit thing… it was easy.  I put … Continue reading

Meet Hercules!

This is our new rabbit (aka poop machine!) and he loves to cuddle.  I am told he is about 5 months old.  Trying to decide if I should get him neutered or wait to see if bad habits develop.  His living arrangements are indoors so spraying could be a big problem.  I have no other … Continue reading

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