Newest Urban Homesteading Trademark Development

Most unfortunate for the Derves family is the fact that EFF – Electronic Frontier Foundation is now involved and representing book authors/publishers who were contacted by the Dervaes family.  You can take a glimpse of their book on amazon,  The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-Sufficient Living in the Heart of the City.  I ordered … Continue reading

When Megalomania Hits an Urban Homestead

A short story of the Dervaes family and the urban homestead movement. If you follow self-sufficient living or urban homesteading, there is a chance that you have heard of the Dervaes family.  You may have even seen them recently in some of their press since they have gotten more popular.  The family has basically been … Continue reading

I am an urban homesteader

Well maybe not in the full sense of the word (thanks, or I should say no thanks, to my local jurisdiction).  I don’t have chickens, ducks, goats or a bee hive.  My compost worm colony is very active and thriving however.  It is in the works to sell this house and move to a more … Continue reading

The Biggest Week In American Birding “A BIG birding event is planned during the peak of spring warbler migration in the “Warbler Capital of the World,” the Lake Erie Marsh Region of Northwest Ohio.” Wishing I could go… not this year.

Please excuse the mess while I relocate

I am in the process of moving to WordPress from Blogger.  Let me just say that so far I love it!  I am working through a few minor issues but all in all everything is great.  I will be reconnecting/loading Videos of Birds back to their posts.  These did not migrate properly.  Also going through … Continue reading

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