Sunday Outing – March 8, 2009

Our very first Sunday Outing without our winter hats! It was 66 degrees! Warm, windy, cloudy. So far the nicest day we’ve had since we began our outings last year. What we saw:Turkey Vulture 4Red-winged Blackbird 20Northern Mockingbird 1American Crow 1American Robin 5Song Sparrow 3Canada Geese 10Mallards 20Ring-billed Gull1Killdeer 1Downey Woodpecker 1Northern Cardinal 3American Kestrel … Continue reading

Sunday Outing – March 1, 2009

What we saw:Pileated Woodpecker 1Red-bellied Woodpecker 1American Crow 3Carolina Chickadee 5White-breasted Nuthatch 1Brown Creeper 1Turkey Vulture 1Canada Goose 6Carolina Wren 1Downey Woodpecker 2Northern Cardinal 1Belted Kingfisher 1White-throated Sparrow 1Eastern Bluebird 4 Temp was 22-27 degrees. Cold, sunny and crisp. We took the new binoculars and both pairs worked out wonderfully. My daughter was really excited … Continue reading

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