Yellow-shafted Northern Flickers

In the summer we had an adult flicker bringing two young to our suet feeder often. It seems the three are still hanging out and enduring the winter together. All winter we have had 3 flickers at the suet together. They call to each other in that fun flicker way and always seem to fly … Continue reading

January 9, 2009 Birds

Northern Flicker American Goldfinch & Pine Siskin male Red-bellied Woodpecker Assistant Today’s birds:Tufted TitmouseMourning DoveHouse Finch (many)Red-bellied Woodpecker (f) (m-2)House Sparrow (sick female on ground)Pine Siskin (first time this winter)American GoldfinchNorthern Cardinal (m)Downey Woodpecker (m)(f)Song SparrowWhite-breasted NuthatchNorthern FlickerCarolina Chickadee

January 5 – Northern Flicker

Had a Northern Flicker at my bird bath early in the morning. My son scared it away before I got a photo. The Flicker was really on alert probably because of the pair of Red-tailed Hawks that were in the area. Hopefully the Northern Flicker will return soon.

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