Birdy Note To Self: Heated Water Awesome!

Should have gotten the heated bird bath years ago!  Birds love it and it’s tons easier than toting hot water to the bird bath 3 or 4 times a day in the winter.  I will wait until April to unplug it for the season.  We always get that one last blast of freezing weather.

Birdy Note To Self

European Starlings LOVE leftover meatloaf! They are now on a mission to figure out which night is meatloaf night.

Young Doe… November 10

Birds don’t like to share! Back for a snack but I wised up after she cleaned out one of my feeders two nights in a row. I switched it for another style and another type seed (not the nut and berry seed she thought she would find again).

November 5 – Bird watching assistant is on duty

Birds don’t like being counted by cats.

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