Blogger Challenge: What’s in your bag?

The typical challenge is to dump your bag and tell what’s in it, with a photograph. I thought it would be fun to share the contents of my birding pack/bag.  Actually it is a hiking lumbar pack.  I hate the weight on my shoulders when I’m hiking. binoculars camera (used to take this photo) Sibley … Continue reading

Sunday Outing – March 14, 2010

Even with all the flooding and cold, nasty weather I was able to see a few birds.  Nothing new but still had fun and got a good workout in with all the extra hiking around flooded areas.  43 degrees F.  Here are my counts: Location 1: 1 wood duck (m) 1 great blue heron 2 … Continue reading

You know you’re a birder when…

It’s 43 degrees F, drizzling and overcast but you hike miles around this to get to your birding spot anyway. March 14, 2010 – 2 of the dams (north) are flooded, streets closed.  Of course these are also a couple of the best birding spots so I went anyway.

Sunday Birding 3-7-10

Duck, swan & geese extravaganza! Half of the pond was still iced over so everyone was gathering into one area. It was a beautiful sunny day! Perfect day to get out and do a little bird watching. Location 1: So, so100 Canada Goose 15 Mallard 1 Red-shouldered Hawk 2 Belted Kingfisher 1 Brown Creeper10 American … Continue reading

Sunday Outing – March 15, 2009

You can’t really tell but there is a Belted Kingfisher on a branch overhanging the water, I swear. Purple Finch and Dark-eyed Junco Slate It was a nice day for bird watching. Cool in the AM but it warmed up very nicely to about 60+ degrees by afternoon. This is what we saw:Red-tailed Hawk 1Northern … Continue reading

Sunday Outing – March 8, 2009

Our very first Sunday Outing without our winter hats! It was 66 degrees! Warm, windy, cloudy. So far the nicest day we’ve had since we began our outings last year. What we saw:Turkey Vulture 4Red-winged Blackbird 20Northern Mockingbird 1American Crow 1American Robin 5Song Sparrow 3Canada Geese 10Mallards 20Ring-billed Gull1Killdeer 1Downey Woodpecker 1Northern Cardinal 3American Kestrel … Continue reading

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