Cedar Waxwings from the summer… can’t wait to see them again!

The Cedar Waxwings loved the waterfall this summer. Sometimes arriving in groups of 30-50 to bathe and socialize in the water. They also love the sprinkler and play in it when the grass is being watered. They came for weeks, usually large groups on Fridays for some reason, then just like that they were gone. … Continue reading

Merlin… Catch of the Day!

How exciting to see this Merlin out in Ohio. My daughter spotted him when we pulled over in a park to eat our lunch after birding at a nature preserve all morning. We were actually just on our way home and not looking for birds at all.We drove directly under him, drove back by under … Continue reading

January 6 – Brown Creeper (video)

January 6 – House Sparrow (video)

The Sponge Bob Square Pants music in the background is thanks to my son. I am NOT a fan of house sparrows but I thought this was funny with the music.

January 6 – House Finch (video)

January 6 – Carolina Chickadee (video)

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