Path to window feeder: porch steps to hose reel to window sill to flower basket hanging in front of window to window feeder.  Was only a matter of time for an audience to gather.

Birdy Note To Self: Heated Water Awesome!

Should have gotten the heated bird bath years ago!  Birds love it and it’s tons easier than toting hot water to the bird bath 3 or 4 times a day in the winter.  I will wait until April to unplug it for the season.  We always get that one last blast of freezing weather.

For the birds…again

New No No Finch Feeder pole guard to fight off squirrels baffle to fight off squirrels It’s not that I don’t like the squirrels. I have a feeding station set-up for them away from my bird feeders but for whatever reason they have been hitting my bird stations hard this week. No matter what kind … Continue reading

New feeder and pole arrived today – January 7

I was busy rearranging the feeders after the new items arrived so no photos but I love the new set-up. The birds quickly figured out where everything is again and are flocking to the platform feeder.

For the birds

Duncraft has free shipping and great deals right now. I couldn’t resist getting these for my birds. A squirrel broke my Northern Cardinals favorite feeder and they are refusing to use the wire basket filled with seed as a replacement. The Dark-eyed Juncos and White-throated Sparrows love it though (oh and the squirrels). The feeding … Continue reading

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